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LIFE-FLAREX highlighted as best project on policy impact at LIFE16 Kick-Off meeting

LIFE-FLAREX highlighted as best project on policy impact at LIFE16 Kick-Off meeting

EASME, the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, from the European Commission, organized a kick-off meeting for all the LIFE+ projects cofounded by the 2016 programme. AEI TÈXTILS, as coordinator of the project LIFE-FLAREX, participated at the event, together with LEITAT, partner of the project

The LIFE16 kick-off meeting took place at MCE Conference & Business Centre in Brussels, Belgium, on October 17th and 18th 2017.

LIFE-FLAREX project was presented by representatives from AEI TÈXTILS and LEITAT. The day and a half meeting consisted of presentations from EASME reviewing different subjects of LIFE program implementation such as policy relevance, sustainability from the projects and review of operational aspects of the grant: reporting, financial, communication requirements and external monitoring by NEEMO. All projects co-funded by the LIFE+ program participated at the meeting. LIFE-FLAREX goals, policy implication and long-term sustainability were also presented by the consortium representatives in the session.

EASME highlighted the LIFE-FLAREX project as the best LIFE16 project in terms of policy impact among the projects in the Air and Health session.

LIFE-FLAREX is co-funded by the European Commission’s LIFE+ program under the Environment Policy and Governance axe with Grant Agreement number LIFE16 ENV/ES/000374.

The project started the July 1st 2017, it has a duration of 3 years and a total budget of 1.163.879€.

The project coordinator is AEI TÈXTILS, the Catalan cluster of technical textiles. Six additional partners complete the consortium: two Spanish technological centres/research institutes: LEITAT and the Institute of Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia (CSIC), both members of AEI TÈXTILS, the Belgian textile research centre CENTEXBEL and three technical textile clusters: ATEVAL from Spain, POINTEX from Italy and CLUTEX from the Czech Republic.

LIFE-FLAREX’s objective is to reduce the impact on the environment, human health and workers’ safety, of the current flame retardants used in the textile sector, and their future alternatives, by identifying which are the best technologies available, both from the performance and from the sustainability point of view. This will be achieved with the development of the analysis of their environmental impact and functionalities in order to promote the substitution amongst the manufacturers.