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CSIC-IQAC presents Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry of alternative flame retardants

CSIC-IQAC presented the LIFE-FLAREX project in the XXXVII Reunión Bienal de la RSEQ – Thermal Analysys and Calorimetry Simposium in San Sebastian, Spain, on May 29th.

Biannual Meeting of the RSEQ, where the different specialized groups explain the main results of their activity. The symposia open to the members of the RSEQ especially those of the Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry Group explain and interchange opinions about results of the different working groups.

The IQAC-CSIC shows the effectiveness of three more environmental compatible flame retardants when applied to PES/CO fabrics using differential scanning calorimetry and thermogravimetric analysis.