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Another industrial demonstration at E.CIMA

Another industrial demonstration at E.CIMA

Over the past two weeks, the industrial demonstrations trials of the LIFE-FLAREX projects were conducted in Catalonia in two companies: BONDITEX and E.CIMA, both members of AEI Tèxtils, the Catalan Technical Textiles’ Cluster. The objective of the industrial trials is to validate the results from lab scale towards safer and environmentally-friendlier flame retardants.


AEI Tèxtils coordinated the industrial demonstration with both companies where experts from LEITAT participated in the tests. They collected data for the assessment of exposure, health and environmental impact as responsible for the characterization of treated textiles and to assess the life cycle impact and the risk assessment.


During the industrial scale tests, the experts measured process parameters and took samples which will facilitate the risk assessment, the environmental and life cycle analysis and the determination of the technical properties of the treated fabrics.  The validation includes the comparative of alternative flame retardants against conventional ones, in order to obtain concluding evidences of the technical feasibility, reduced risk and lower environmental impact.




BONDITEX and E.CIMA are companies with strong commitment with the environment. They have supported the LIFE-FLAREX project by providing their facilities and expertise for the industrial applications of the project.


In addition to BONDITEX and E.CIMA, the LIFE-FLAREX partnership has also conducted industrial tests in Italy (TF2000, Finistampa Giordanetto) and Czech Republic (TYLEX). The last remaining industrial demonstration will be carried out in Spain (PERTEX) in the coming weeks.